Guiding Principles

Principle 1: Excellence

Catalyst is a firm dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, adhering to the very highest standards of integrity. As a result, Catalyst embraces the fact that excellence is an ongoing and evolving process, and defined from our investors’ perspective only. We at Catalyst are committed to continually preserving, pursuing and building upon this dedication to excellence, which by our definition includes the pursuit of the highest standards of integrity, in all that we do. On behalf of our investors, Catalyst’s culture of excellence is both our mandate and our mission.

Principle 2: Superior Analytics

Our ability to deliver exceptional, insightful and unique analytics is our foremost competitive advantage. It is what unquestionably sets us apart and what will unquestionably be the “catalyst” for our lasting success. We don’t pretend to be the smartest; we strive to be the hardest working and most thorough analytical team. We will approach every assignment with vigor and absolute resoluteness. We will mentor and coach each other to ensure we continuously hone, invest in, and master our analytical excellence.

Principle 3: The Details

The crux of our work is in the details. We dig deep into the minutiae to reveal what others have missed. It is this search in the details that allows us to discover true value and find the very best answers. We will never settle for the status quo because of our commitment to excellence and because we know that hidden within the details is, by definition, reduced risk and/or improved returns for our investors.

Principle 4: Intellectual Curiosity

We recognize that it takes constant intellectual curiosity to fully explore the possibilities. We will therefore go to extraordinary lengths to explore issues and situations to their logical end maintaining an environment where such exploration is encouraged and supported. We will always ask questions, even when we feel certain that we know the answers. Regardless of role within the organization, we are all expected to passionately and meaningfully debate all of the issues we encounter. We will do this respectfully, keeping in mind that it is not personal; it is driven by our commitment to the fact that the investors’ best interests are always our #1 concern. After all, it is intellectual curiosity that will ensure we identify and uncover all the angles and subtleties of a situation, and enable our continued collective and personal development.

Principle 5: Team

We are only truly empowered as a team. As individuals we cannot possibly anticipate all of the nuances of a situation. Our combined intellect/insight exceeds the sum of our parts, and our ability to work collectively, leveraging all insights, experiences and abilities, is the key to our continued success. While individual creativity and independent thinking are always encouraged, we will only reap the most remarkable results when we capitalize on the intellectual collective of our different perspectives. As a member of the Catalyst team we will hold each other accountable for imparting our knowledge to each other and acknowledge that for our continued success and the protection of our investors’ best interests, our individual expertise must be shared.

Principle 6: Reputation

Our reputation is at the heart of our business. The quality of our people, the work we do, and our dedication to excellence and integrity are paramount to our reputation. We will hold ourselves up to the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards, and instill pride in the Catalyst name. We will lead by example, treating our team members, our investors and all of our stakeholders with the utmost respect. Our reputation for excellence is and will continue to be our greatest asset.